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George Lindsay Dies: The Best of Goober Pyle (Video)

In remembrance George Lindsay, here’s a look at our favorite Goober moments!

Goober and Gomer

Goober Pyle and his happy go-lucky cousin Gomer offered endless hours of comic relief on The Andy Griffith Show. After Gomer leaves Mayberry to join the Marines, Goober shocks his cousin with a surprise visit to the military base. It’s kind of like Dumb and Dumber ... we’re just not sure who’s who!

Goober’s Epic Impression

What Goober lacks in intelligence he makes up for in impersonations. After a little nudge from his enthusiastic cousin Gomer, Goober channels superstar Cary Grant with this “convincing” impression.

Goober Gets a Girl

Goober was great at fixing cars, but not so great with the ladies. Luckily he had the smooth-talking Andy Griffith to give him advice. Watch as Goober learns the three simple rules to talking to women: say hello, learn her interests, and don’t talk about cars!

Goober at the Auto Show

Rarely one to leave Mayberry, Goober ventured out of town for the Raleigh auto show. Not only did he get to stay in a fancy hotel, but he also ditched his grease-stained shirt for one of Andy’s suits. Don’t forget to snag a few hotel towels—they’re free!

Goober Fills in for Andy

When Andy is called away from the courthouse, an enthusiastic Goober volunteers to fill in. Will Goober come through? Or will a noisy carburetor sidetrack the goofy mechanic?