USC Was Told ‘Psychopath’ Gynecologist Was Preying on Asian Students

Officials at the University of Southern California were reportedly told by medical experts that their campus gynecologist was preying on Asian students and showed signs of “psychopathy,” but they still didn’t fire him. The Los Angeles Times reports that USC administrators brought in a team of medical experts to evaluate George Tyndall after decades of complaints about him. When the investigators shared their alarming findings, the university didn’t dismiss him or notify the state medical board—it arranged secret deal that allowed him to leave his post with a big payout and a clean professional record. The new information comes from internal university records that were made public late Thursday following legal action from the newspaper. Tyndall is now the subject of a grand jury investigation, but has still not been charged with a crime. He and his attorneys have repeatedly denied wrongdoing, but more than 650 lawsuits have accused him of misconduct.