George Will: Everybody Wants to Be a Rape Victim

According to syndicated columnist George Will, the rape victimhood has become “a coveted status that confers privileges,” for college women. The real victims, he argues, are young men who, thanks to the media and federal government’s heightened focus on campus sexual assault, are at greater risk of facing rape charges. “Threatening to withdraw federal funding, the department mandates adoption of a minimal ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard when adjudicating sexual assault charges between males and the female ‘survivors’—note the language of prejudgment,” Will writes in his column entitled “Colleges Become the Victims of Progressivism,” that was published in the Washington Post and the New York Post. “Combine this with capacious definitions of sexual assault that can include not only forcible sexual penetration but also nonconsensual touching. Then add the doctrine that the consent of a female who has been drinking might not protect a male from being found guilty of rape.”