Georgia Man Gets No Prison Time for Holding Teen Captive, Sexually Abusing Her for Over a Year

A Georgia man who pleaded guilty to child cruelty charges for holding a 17-year-old girl captive in his home and sexually abusing her for over a year will be allowed to avoid prison time. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 33-year-old Michael Wysolovski was sentenced to “10 years with eight months to serve in jail” after he pleaded guilty. He reportedly had his “rape and aggravated sodomy charges” dropped in his plea deal. Wysolovski also received credit for the eight months he had already served in prison, and will now spend the remainder of his sentence on probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Wysolovski first met the girl when she was 15 on an anorexia forum and convinced her to live with him when she was 16. He reportedly convinced her to act out rape scenes as part of a “consensual non-consensual” relationship, but the girl eventually contacted someone else from the anorexia forum about her situation, and that person in turn contacted the FBI. By the time authorities found her, the girl was malnourished, had ringworm, and back problems due to being kept in a dog cage.