Geraldo Rivera Quits Yale Over Calhoun Name Removal

Geraldo Rivera quit his voluntary Yale fellowship after the university decided to change the name of its residential college that honored a historic slavery supporter and white supremacist. Following the school’s announcement that Calhoun College would be renamed to honor computer-science pioneer and Yale alumna Grace Murray Hopper, the Fox News host said on Sunday that he had resigned his associate fellow position with the college because “intolerant insistence on political correctness is lame.” On Monday morning, he followed that message up with several more attacks on the university’s decision: “Slavery was abhorrent sin,” he wrote. “Will #Yale students now petition to change name of #USA capital? #Washington was a slave holder as was #Jefferson.” Rivera added: “To judge a 200 yr old early 19th century historic figure by standards of the 21st century as #Yale is doing is more Orwellian than inspired.” Yale announced the name change on Saturday, with its president explaining in a statement, “The decision to change a college’s name is not one we take lightly. But John C. Calhoun’s legacy as a white supremacist and a national leader who passionately supported slavery as a ‘positive good’ fundamentally conflicts with Yale’s mission and values.”