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'Get On the Map!' Helps Women and Girls Change the World

Women in the World Foundation reveals an innovative new online map to showcase projects advancing women and girls around the world.

ABC's Juju Chang and Women in the World Foundation president Kim Azzarelli took the stage on Saturday to unveil the foundation's exciting new initiative: "Get On The Map! for Women and Girls," an interactive online tool to track charitable projects that advance women and girls, launched in partnership with the Virtue Foundation. Azzarelli also announced Women in the World on Campus, which will bring Women in the World's signature stories and solutions to campuses all across the country.

The Foundation is the "connective tissue," said Azzarelli, linking younger generations to older ones in an effort to carry out the solutions discussed during the summit and throughout the year.

The map, which the foundation describes as "a single portal where you can go to learn about organizations and projects empowering women and girls around the world," is already tracking more than 3,000 projects.

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