Owners: United Killed, Burned Our Giant Rabbit

The owners of a gigantic British-born rabbit named Simon that was found dead after a United Airlines flight to the U.S. say they will sue the beleaguered carrier if it does not respond to their inquiries. The owners said Monday they will seek damages, in addition to ordering an outside investigation. The airline reportedly destroyed the 3-foot-long hare’s remains without permission, a move that has raised questions in the aftermath of the rabbit’s death. Attorneys representing Simon’s owners say a group of investors had bought him in hopes of winning the World’s Largest Rabbit competition at the Iowa State Fair in summer 2017. The attorneys say the rabbit may have died after he was placed in a freezer for 16 hours after landing in Chicago. “United Airlines can issue any statement they like but their company’s credibility is under question when they immediately cremate the giant rabbit Simon without anyone’s consent,” said lead attorney Guy Cook. “They destroyed the proof.” United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart denied accusations that Simon died in a freezer and said he was in apparent good condition upon arrival in Chicago. “Shortly thereafter, a kennel representative noticed Simon was motionless and that he had passed away,” Hobart said, without addressing the cremation allegations.