Arizona Shooting

Giffords' Responses Hint at Injury

Everyone was encouraged to hear that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords wiggled her toes, raised two fingers, and, best of all, gave a thumbs up on Monday. But important details on her condition are still unclear: Doctors haven’t revealed the path the bullet took through her brain, except to say that it didn’t pass through its center. A general description of her condition suggests that the language and vision sections of her brain are intact, but, should she survive (she is still in critical condition), she could suffer paralysis on the right side of her body and difficulties with tactile sensations. The bullet wound appears to be high in her brain, which is, generally speaking, better than a wound closer to the neck. Doctors have removed nearly half her skull to alleviate brain swelling. "We're still within the window where it could go either way," said one doctor.