Giffords Talks on the Phone, Walks

Keeping up her rapid recovery, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been mouthing words, lip-syncing to songs, walking, sitting with excellent posture, and even talking on the phone to her astronaut brother-in-law in space. “She said, ‘Hi, I’m good,’” according to Giffords’ chief of staff, who also cautioned, “Don’t get the idea she’s speaking in paragraphs, but she definitely understands what we’re saying.” Doctors say the full extent of her recovery—speech and otherwise—is still unknown, though her rapid progress is very encouraging. They’re impressed by the congresswoman’s tenacity, Giffords’ mother says. “As far as Gabby’s progress, you can quote me as saying, ‘Yippee!’” Giffords' fellow Democrats are also delighted, and are talking about her as a possible candidate for the Senate seat Republican Jon Kyl is vacating in Arizona in 2012.