Gina Loudon, Trump’s Pseudo-Psychologist, Says Kavanaugh Accuser Imagined Alleged Assault

Gina Loudon, the self-proclaimed psychology expert without a psychology Ph.D. or license, is at it again. The TV personality—who said she used “science” to determine President Trump is “the most sound-minded” commander in chief in history—is now weighing in on the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of trying to sexually assault her in high school. On Twitter, Loudon declared that Christine Blasey Ford essentially imagined the 1980s incident in “realistic dreams” when she underwent “regressive therapy”—even though there is no indication Ford had such therapy. “Its [sic] actually possible, according to science, that Ford honestly believes what she is saying, though it never happened,” Loudon tweeted. Ford did give The Washington Post notes from a marriage counselor that showed she mentioned an incident, though not Kavanaugh by name, several years ago. And the Mercury News reported that Ford said she came to understand the incident as trauma after going through psychotherapy. But there is no reference to what’s actually called “regression therapy,” a Freudian-based technique that’s supposed to conjure up childhood memories and that many psychologists believe is bunk. Buyers of Loudon’s new book might think that she is a psychologist because the author bio says she has a doctorate in the field. But as The Daily Beast reported, her doctorate, from a school that specializes in online learning, is in something called “human and organization systems.”