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Giorgio Armani Blogs About New York, the Club Scene—and Pasta

It's unlikely there is a more charming—or less likely—blogger than Giorgio Armani. In anticipation of the fashion king's new store opening on Fifth Avenue in New York, the silver-haired billionaire took to the pages of the New York Times blog The Moment to describe his Manhattan visit. He details his airport dealings: "The guy looked up at me, then at my passport, then at me again and waved me off, saying, 'I know you are Armani,' and slightly chastises an Italian restaurant: "Americans overcook their pasta. Always. And there's too much sauce. Too much of everything! Please, try to control yourselves." Meanwhile, American clubs perplexed the man: "The crowd was dressed in a rather basic way. In Europe, the people you see at clubs are extremely beautiful to look at and are wearing very elegant clothes. I don't know, maybe I went to the wrong club."