Giuliani Happy ‘Everybody’s Reacting to Us Now’ After Media Blitz

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he feels “good” about his recent media blitz because “everybody’s reacting to us now,” The Washington Post reports. After a series of interviews in which the former New York City mayor appeared to directly contradict the president on one of the biggest scandals facing the White House and to implicate Trump’s longtime personal lawyer in possible yet-to-be-discovered hush payments, Giuliani said the president is satisfied with his public comments and believes it “all worked out.” “I’ll give you the conclusion: We all feel pretty good that we’ve got everything kind of straightened out and we’re setting the agenda,” he was quoted as saying. “We’ve made a deal this weekend: He stays focused on North Korea, Iran, and China, and we stay focused on the case and we’ll bother him when we have to,” Giuliani said. On Friday, after Giuliani revealed that Trump had reimbursed his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for a $130,000 payment he’d previously claimed to know nothing about, Trump urged his new legal aide to “get his facts straight.”