‘Perjury Trap’

Giuliani: Trump Should Do a Mueller Interview

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said that he “would prefer” that the president sits down for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and that a decision on such a chat would be made in “the next couple weeks.” Giuliani told The Washington Post that doing the interview “gets it over with it. It makes my client happy. The safe course you hear every lawyer say is don’t do the interview, and that’s easy to say in the abstract,” he said. “That’s much harder when you have a client who is the president of the United States and wants to be interviewed.” Giuliani said that the president often swings back and forth, agreeing with his lawyers that an interview would probably not be in his best interest, then “go[ing] right back to, ‘Why shouldn’t I?’” The lawyer also told the newspaper that he was concerned about the president getting caught in a “perjury trap” because the “truth is relative” and Mueller “may have a different version of the truth than we do.” Giuliani told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that “the answer would have to be no” if he had to give a response to Mueller immediately.