Giuliani Won't Run in 2010

And just like that, one of New York’s most tempestuous electoral careers came to an end. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is expected to make an announcement Tuesday saying he will not run for the U.S. Senate, the New York Daily News reports, and that he will endorse former Rep. Rick Lazio for governor, despite surveys indicating he was the clear favorite to win primaries for either office. "Next year should be an interesting cycle for Republicans, and he sees it as an opportunity to engage in targeted races across the country," says a source close to Giuliani. The former mayor plans to stay in the private sector and start helping other members of the GOP, but his move paved way for freshman Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand—appointed earlier this year by Gov. David Patterson—to take the lead in the Senate race because she will face no big-name Republicans.