Glenn Beck Continues War on Moviegoer

Glenn Beck has more important things to worry about now than the future of the United States: For the second day in a row on Wednesday, he went on a tirade during his radio show about people who he claims harassed him and his wife as they attempted to watch an outdoor movie in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Beck went on for 10 minutes Wednesday about Lindsey Piscitell, who he says “purposefully kicked” a glass of wine onto his wife. Piscitell maintains it was an accident. (Beck’s website, The Blaze—also on the case—points out that Piscitell made fun of Beck during the movie on Twitter and one of her followers suggested it’d be funny to “accidentally” spill something on him.) Piscitell tells Gawker, “Wine was spilled. It was absolutely 100% an accident. We all—everybody—grabbed napkins and apologized profusely."