Going Rogue: The Index

The Daily Beast's columnist enjoyed Sarah Palin's memoir so much, he created his own index for it.

Alaska mind-numbingly boring intramural politics of, 1-208 Aristotle, 63 Atlantic Monthly formerly reputable outlet asserts Trig Palin actually child of Bristol or Willow, 238 Baldwin, Alec hypocritical failure to fulfill promise to leave U.S. after election of George W. Bush cited by SP, 313 Biden, Joe called “Joe” by SP, 289 hair plugs of thought about by SP as calming device going into debate, 297 Bloggers, Maniacal, 236 Bono, talked to by SP, 301 Boredom of, by reader while waiting for Going Rogue to get to 2008 presidential campaign, 156 Clinton, Hillary hat off to SP while fundamentally disagreeing with every view of, 287 Couric, Katie condescension of, 276 far more forgiving when Biden gives historically erroneous answer during his interview, 278 intense desire to be liked adduced by McCain staffer, 256 lowest-rated news anchor in network television, 270 should have been asked by SP what she reads, 207 Democrats “embarrassed pacifism” of deplored, 46 Elites stupidity of for buying Alaska salmon eggs labeled as “caviar,” 48 “want you to sit down and shut up,” 395 Fey, Tina friendliness and graciousness of to SP, 310 makes lots of money imitating SP, 293 God 1, 22, 30, 33, 34, 51, 56, 57, 76, 83, 104, 121, 133, 170, 173-5, 176, 177-8, 181, 185, 187, 193, 195, 208, 210-217, 243, 245, 261, 286-8, 294, 322-3, 346, 349, 355, 362, 399, 413 Kerry, John “elitist loon,” 181 King, Martin Luther, 86 Kudlow, Larry energy of liked by SP, 206 Left, The decides SP must be eliminated, 364 Letterman, David prick, what a, 351 Lieberman, Joe tells SP God will see her through the VP debate, 286 Liberals, Hollywood, 134 Marx, Karl 84 McCain, Cindy down-to-earthness of praised, 210 elegance of, 210 ice queen reputation unjust, 221 McCain, John boldness and out-of-the-boxness of hailed by SP, 223 reveals selection of SP as VP nominee at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio, 222 staffers of feed lies to Fox News’ Carl Cameron about SP, 343 wading, favorite pastime of, 286 • Duff McDonald: Palin’s Gold MineTina Brown: Sarah Drops the ActMore Daily Beast contributors on Palin’s book tour Media “bunch of buffoons,” 378 causticity of, 351 ghastliness of, 187, 236, 280, 342, 347, 348, 378 ninety percent liberalness of, 270 veiled barbs, directed at SP by, 75 Murkowski, Governor “darn jet” of deplored by SP, 147 Obama Campaign Opposition Researchers “black-suited, laptop-toting flatlanders,” 236 Page, 208 Going Rogue finally gets to 2008 presidential campaign Palin, Bristol impregnation of by unnamed teenage lout, 207 pregnancy of likened to a forest fire, 208 Palin, Sarah abused by McCain campaign staff during debate prep, 283 appalled at emphasis on packaging by McCain campaign staff, 232 approval ratings of in Alaska plummet from 90 percent to 56 following presidential campaign, 373 books, non-banning of by, 77 “butt,” use of by, 49 caribou lasagna eaten by as child, 218 “Change,” used as gubernatorial campaign theme way before Obama, 114 conservatism, fiscal of, 153 creationism of, soft-pedaled by, 217 D, gets in college course once, 112 “darn,” use of, 31, 87, 147 daughters, cuteness of adduced by, 132, 138 “effete young chap,” used to describe gubernatorial opponent, 116 emails, personal, hacking into by deplored as “another fine how-do-you-do,” 263 favors holding self to higher standard, 366 “giddy-happy,” not made by pregnancy of teenage daughter, 234 humbled and honored when nominated by McCain, 223 legal bills of top $500,000, 363 likeability of, 1-413 “Mom Moment,” has when daughter Piper crashes bicycle, 138 moose chili served three times a week at governor’s mansion, 133 moose eyeballs, handed by father, 32 not amused by “SARAH PALIN IS A CUNT” T-shirts at rally, 279 not amused by media portrayal of family as “herd of hillbillies,” 315 “not retreating but reloading,” said about SP by father, 377 oil companies, goes up against, 159, 189 per diem, refuses, 147 “porks up” while pregnant, 50 “ready to calve” first child, 51 Russia, proximity of Alaska to, made too much of by media, 309 sneaks in calls to folks like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and someone thought to be Larry Kudlow but who turns out to be Neil Cavuto’s producer, 257 spends less on travel and personal expenses while governor than previous two predecessors, despite having larger family, 365 sweats like crazy while working rope-line, 276 unable to remain silent in face of serious issues facing Alaska and U.S., 356 wardrobe problems of, 314 wife, yearns for a, 86 “Wow,” utters when realizes Alaska politics determined by “relationships,” 142

Palin, Piper adorableness of, 347 Palin, Todd children, love of by, 37 DUI arrest for, 49 elders, reverence for, 37 extreme masculinity of, 37-413 honesty, justice and accountability of, 38 kept from appearing on stage with SP on Election Night, 337 nature, respect for, 37 prejudice, hatred of, 37 roars into life of SP, 34 serially impregnates SP, 40 taciturnity of, 36 tells buddies SP doesn’t know how to kiss, 39 tobacco, dipping of by, 38 treats new bride SP to wedding dinner at Wendy’s Drive-Thru, 49 Palin, Track malicious reporters suggest may have joined Army to “hide from the law,” 371 thuggish hockey playing style of, 167 Palin, Trig derivation of middle name “Van” (rock band Van Halen) not explained by SP, 195 Paine, Thomas, 146 Plato, 24 Pundits, odiousness of, 45 Reagan, Ronald, 12, 45-7, 124, 158, 384, 386, 391-3, 400 Sarkozy, Nicolas Montreal DJ pretends to be during phone call to SP; suggests both shoot wildlife from helicopter, 326 Schmidt, Steve, McCain Campaign Manager condescension of, 235 not one for a lot of chitchat, 212 not a lot of camaraderie or rah-rah optimism by, 253 puts into motion plan to destroy SP’s reputation in order to salvage own, 318 tells SP Gwen Ifill is going to “f*** with you,” 294 tells SP she cannot give concession speech on election night, 334 threatens SP with nutritionist, 284 Washington, DC breeze, fresh, much-need in, 221 dreadfulness of, 1-413 Wooten, Mike, SP Brother-in-law bankruptcy of, 100 drinking history of, 101 infidelity of, 100 Tasers young stepson, 101

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Christopher Buckley's books include Supreme Courtship, The White House Mess, Thank You for Smoking, Little Green Men, and Florence of Arabia. He was chief speechwriter for Vice President George H.W. Bush, and is editor-at-large of ForbesLife magazine. His new book is Losing Mum and Pup, a memoir. Buckley's Daily Beast column is the winner of an Online Journalism Award in the category of Online Commentary.