Out With A Bang

Gold Rush!

New York Fashion Week closed Thursday with Marc Jacobs' show, which sent models out in gold beaded dresses, hot pants and -- in one model's case-- almost nothing at all. 

What a way to end the week. Marc Jacobs' Fall collection, which showed Thursday night at the New York Armory, made New York Fashion Week go out with a bang.

By now, everyone knows that Jacobs' shows start on time. If a show is called for 8 p.m, it won't start a minute past 8:02. On Thursday, things were actually ahead of schedule -- causing an extra panic for the late show-goers springing along Lexington Avenue.

Upon entrance, everyone was bathed in a golden light and seated around a circular stage. At 7:58 p.m., models emerged from the darkness under a giant gold orb and began circumambulating the stage. In the fuzzy yellow light, everything looked gold. Models were simply moving shadows against the backdrop of a blinding, artificial sun. Each model reemerged for a second trip around the runway (this time with full lighting) so we could see the color of each look.

There were sparkling hotpants, structured pajama tops, and knee-length fur coats (a collaboration with Philippe Beaulieu). But best of all were the liquid mermaid gowns in every variety -- worn with fur boas, in the shape of foxes with the head and feet still on the animal. One model (who is, incidentally, Lily McMenamy, the 18-year-old daughter of the supermodel Kristen McMenamy) came down the runway wearing only black short-shorts and a pair of elbow-length gloves, holding her breasts with one hand.

For the finale, models stormed the stage, forming a perfectly still circle around a center spotlight. Every single person in there must have whipped out their iPhone to take an Instagram shot -- but, indeed, it was a picture-perfect moment. Then, they dispersed and formed two separate lines, running backstage -- and Jacobs himself appeared to take a final bow in a pair of silk, eggplant-colored pajamas.