Goldman CEO Made $13.2M in 2010

Last year was a rough one for Goldman Sachs, but that didn't keep CEO Lloyd Blankfein from getting a big raise: According to a regulatory filing, Blankfein's yearly bonus increased by $3.6 million, which, on top of his $600,000 salary and stock options, brought his 2010 earnings up to $13.2 million. Goldman's stock performance was nothing special last year, and its earnings were down 37 percent from 2009, but the firm topped many of its rivals, which are still struggling to stay afloat after the financial crisis. Though Blankfein may be smiling in light of his recent raise, he certainly wasn't smiling last April, when the SEC charged his company with civil fraud, claiming it had duped clients by selling mortgage securities that were designed to cash in on the housing market's collapse. The firm paid $550 million to settle the charges.