Goldman Insider Posts Intern Tips

Tips to survive your summer internship at Goldman Sachs: “bang a [female] intern,” “always repeat racist jokes,” “don’t wear Hermès ties, ever,” and name-drop if you went to a “decent board school.” Oh, and if you have an Indian or Pakistani boss, “learn the rules of cricket.” Those are some of the 20 tips to success, according to the author of the Wall Street gossip blog GS Elevator, which has nearly half a million Twitter followers and 5,000 hits on its blog per day. “You’ve been vetted and hired by Goldman f---ing Sachs,” the blog reads. “You might feel like you crossed the finish line. But the race hasn’t even started yet.” Goldman, though, isn’t taking GS Elevator’s tips seriously, with a spokesman saying the blogger “sounds like an investment banker from the ‘80s.”