GOP Blocks Boehner’s Proposal

Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the Republican Study Committee and the ringleader of a big group of GOP members in the House, has said he is "confident" that there aren't enough Republican lawmakers in favor of Speaker John Boehner's debt proposal to push the plan through. Jordan said Boehner's proposal didn't cut spending enough. Jordan's admission is a sign that panic is increasing in light of a looming default, as both parties in Congress continue butting heads. Five other House Republicans declared they would not support Boehner's plan, while a House Democrat said "very few" representatives from the left would back the proposal. President Obama, meanwhile, has said he would recommend a veto if the plan were passed by Congress. While both parties are feverishly working to avoid a potential economic crisis, Donald Trump has urged GOP House members not to compromise with Dems, hoping that a default would prevent Obama from being reelected.