GOP Hearts Cheney

Republican leadership is pointedly not “wincing” at former vice president Dick Cheney’s new love of attention, according to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. He defended Cheney on Meet The Press, but then he wouldn’t say whether he thinks interrogation techniques used on suspected terrorists amounted to torture. “I have a personal opinion,” said Steele. “That's not appropriate to share here.” In the meantime, House Minority Leader John Boehner said on CNN’s State of the Union, that Cheney’s new attitude “doesn't hurt, it helps,” adding that the former VP is a “big member in our party.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t offer a direct defense of Cheney during his appearance on Fox News Sunday, but did suggest that the former vice president has had an impact in swaying the debate. According to him, the Obama administration “has responded to the critique of the vice president” that the country is moving in the “wrong direction on national security issues.”