GOP Mega-Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Will Stop Paying Hush Money to Playboy Model

Former RNC finance chairman and major Republican Party fundraiser Elliott Broidy will stop paying out installments of a $1.6-million hush deal he made with a former Playboy model after her lawyer allegedly breached the contract, the Wall Street Journal reported. The scandalous deal was originally struck last year by Trump’s personal fixer Michael Cohen, after Broidy agreed to pay Shera Bechard eight installments of $200,000 to stay silent about his extramarital affair. Broidy’s team now claims that Bechard’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, breached the deal by disclosing parts of her story to Michael Avenatti. “Elliott specifically was paying for confidentiality that would shield his family from the embarrassing mistake he made,” Broidy’s lawyer told the Journal. “We can prove there was an intentional breach that renders the contract null and void.” A spokesman for Davidson denied the allegations, and told the Journal that the accusations are “false and defamatory.”