GOP: Romney, Release Taxes

Mitt Romney received an official endorsement from former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday. Cheney said that his years in the White House give him perspective on the qualities needed for the presidency. “Looking back and reflecting on that, I think there’s only one man to be president of the United States who meets those requirements, and that’s Gov. Mitt Romney,” he said. But while Romney might have won the support of one major Republican, others are echoing calls from Democrats and the media for Mitt to release more of his tax records. “His personal finances, the way he does things, his record, are fair game,” said Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, head of House campaign efforts for the GOP. The Obama campaign has put pressure on Romney to release his tax returns, pointing to the multimillionaire’s off-shore bank accounts to suggest the Bain Capital cofounder was willing to tread in financial gray zones.