GOP Sen. Corker Won’t Admit ‘Confidence’ in Trump as Commander in Chief

Mika Brzezinski asked Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) a simple question on Wednesday’s Morning Joe. He was unable to give her a simple answer. “Do you have confidence in Donald Trump as commander in chief, especially as it pertains to foreign policy?” Brzezinski asked the senator, saying she wanted to make it “broad and easy” for him. What followed was a long and convoluted statement about a lack of specifics in both campaigns and a pivot to the Obama administration, which Corker claimed he led to “instability around the world.”

Pressed by Brzezinski to give a yes or no answer to her original question, Corker would only say that Trump’s understanding of the issues is “deepening” as Election Day approaches. “You have great stature in the Senate, you are chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” the host replied after it became clear he did not have an answer for her. “It would mean a lot to a lot of people if the answer to that question was yes.”

Corker was once on Trump’s shortlist for vice president, but the senator made it clear in early July that he had no interest in joining the ticket. Prior to that, he called the candidate’s reaction to the mass shooting in Orlando “discouraging.”