Grassley to Trump: ‘Show Respect’ and Stop Publicly Bashing Kelly

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley took to Twitter Monday to slam President Trump for his recent public criticism of his own White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. “I wish President Trump would never discuss publicly any ill feelings has abt [sic] his CofStaff Gen Kelly,” Grassley wrote. “After all he was a Marine for 47 yrs. defended our freedoms. We need [to] show respect.” As one user pointed out on Twitter, he did not specify if Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was also a Marine, deserved the same consideration.

Grassley’s tweet likely came in response to Trump’s recent interview with Fox News Sunday, during which the president said that “There are certain things I love what [Kelly] does, and there are certain things that I don't like that he does—that aren't his strength [...] he’s doing an excellent job in many ways. There are a couple of things where it's just not his strength. It's not his fault. It's not his strength.” He also noted that “John, at some point, is going to want to move on. John will move on.”