Greek Election Too Close to Call

Exit polls in Greece favored the New Democracy Party, comprised largely of conservatives who are behind a pro-bailout plan moving forward, late Sunday. The New Democracy Party appeared to capture a win with a 4.5 percent lead over the Syriza Party, 30.5 percent to 26 percent with 40 percent of precincts reporting. All eyes have been on the country leading up to Sunday’s run-off, as the leading Syriza and New Democracy parties battled for control of the country—a fight that may determine the future of the euro. The leftist Syriza party opposes the austerity measures that are critical for the country’s bailout deal, and the party’s popularity has worried observers who do not want to see Greece exit the 17-nation common currency. Based on the exit polls, New Democracy would get a projected 131 seats in Parliament while Syriza would get 69 and the Pasok Party would receive 34.