Gun Rights Advocates Hate Smarter Gun

Apparently gun rights activists don’t just hate firearm regulations, but also features that attempt to make their guns safer. Famed gunmaker Ernst Mauch has designed a smarter gun, the iPi, which can be customized so that it only fires when the owner is wearing a special watch connected wirelessly to the weapon. Mauch explicitly designed it with the hope that gun owners would appreciate the safety technology. Instead, gun rights advocates have protested the iPi over concerns its safety features will become legally mandated. “I love Ernst,” said gun industry consultant Jim Schatz. “But he doesn’t understand that the anti-gunners will use this to infringe on a constitutional right. They don’t have a Second Amendment in Germany.” Mauch is deeply saddened by the reaction. “It hurts my heart,” he said. “It’s the lives of people who never thought they’d get killed by a gun. You have a nice family at home, and then you get killed. It’s crazy.”