Gunman Taken Down in Dutch TV Station

An armed man entered the Netherlands’ public-television broadcasting center in Hilversum and demanded airtime on Thursday. The Daily Beast's Nadette De Visser reports from the Netherlands that the gunman handed out a letter saying he was working for a hackers collective "against the great forces of capitalism." He claimed to work for the collective's security services and added he didn't want to harm anyone.

"When you read this don't panic," part of the letter read. "Don't start screaming and don't alarm your colleagues. I am heavily armed. If you cooperate correctly you will come to no harm. There are another five plus 98 hackers who are ready for a cyber attack. On top of that there are eight heavy explosives placed in this country that have radioactive components. If you don't bring me to Studio 8 to take over the broadcast then we will be forced to take action."

Police met the gunman, who threw down his weapon, and was promptly arrested.