A Little More Action, Please?

Harry and William ARE Headed To Memphis TN This Weekend!

Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

Prince William and Prince Harry will be getting hot and steamy in the USA next weekend, as they are expected to attend the Memphis wedding of one of their oldest and wildest friends, nightclub promoter and royal stag weekend planner Guy Pelly.

There has been speculation about whether both princes would be at the wedding, but the Daily Mirror is now reporting that both brothers will be attending—although they will reportedly have “a Palace warning ringing in their ears” to avoid a rerun of the Vegas debacle of 2012, when Harry made headlines round the world after he was pictured ­cavorting naked at a Las Vegas hotel.

The Royalist understood that William was a definite for the event but the news that Harry is going too raises the possibility for chaos significantly.

The pink-cheeked Pelly—who organised William’s stag party—will wed hotel heiress Lizzy Wilson at a tony polo club near Elvis’s mansion Graceland, as part of a three-day celebration.

An “insider” told the Mirror, “Obviously after what happened in Vegas the Palace are very nervous.”

And so they should be. Pelly’s wedding is sure to be a wild affair. In 2012, Pelly was busted doing 129 mph on a dual carriageway in his sports car, he drunkenly stripped in front of Prince Charles at a polo match in 2007, and at the infamous fancy dress party where Harry appeared dressed as a Nazi, Pelly was dressed up as the Queen.

His grandmother, Monica, was a member of the Tate & Lyle sugar dynasty, and his friendship with Harry stems from their participation in the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt.

At the age of 25, he became a partner in London's Mahiki club, a favorite hot spot of Prince William and Harry. In 2010, Pelly opened Public, another favorite venue for the young royals in London's Chelsea neighborhood.