Harry Joins Diana's Landmine Charity

Prince Harry has frequently invoked his mother's memory in his public speeches - most recently he said he hoped Diana would be 'proud of' him for a project he is working on with his charity Sentebale in Lesotho, and speculated she may be drawing up plans for the playground in heaven - and now he has strengthened his links with Halo Trust, the anti-landmine charity famously backed by Diana.

The prince, 28, is to become patron of the HALO Trust’s 25th anniversary appeal to help it raise funds to continue its work clearing minefields in Afghanistan and other countries.

Harry has been involved with HALO (Hazardous Areas Life-support Organisation) for several years and in 2010 visited minefields in Mozambique to meet amputees and see the effect landmines have on some of the world’s poorest people.

On one of Diana's last public engagements before her death she walked through a minefield being cleared by HALO in Angola in a clear plastic blast-resistant mask.

The picture became one of the most celebrated anti-landmine images.

Guy Willoughby, HALO’s chief executive, told The Evening Standard: “Many people don’t realise that wars might be over, but people are still being killed and maimed by landmines every day — there were more than 4,000 victims of landmines in 2011.”