Party Prince

Harry Passed Over for Order of Garter

Naughty boy, Harry!

Prince Harry has been passed over for elevation to the Order of the Garter, an omission which may be interpreted as a chastisement from the monarch over the disrepute into which he has brought the monarchy with last year's naked partying.

The Order of the Garter is the highest order of chivalry in the UK, and is in the exclusive gift of the monarch.

Air Chief Marshal The Lord Stirrup has been appointed one of the 24 Knight Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by Her Majesty, but two other spots, created by the deaths of of Baroness Thatcher, the Duke of Grafton and Viscount Ridley remain unfilled.

It had been thought Harry might be due for elevation, allowing him to join his brother William in the fellowship, but that has not happened.The honour is within the personal gift of Her Majesty and is the highest order of chivalry in the land.Its members are limited to The Queen, the Prince of Wales and 24 knight companions as well as supernumerary knights (which include members of the Royal Family and foreign members).

Lord Stirrup will join Her Majesty, the Royal Family and other Knights Companion at Windsor Castle in June for the Garter procession at St George’s Chapel where Lord Stirrup will wear full Garter robes and process past crowds of people gathered at Windsor Castle for the day.The appointment allows him to put ‘KG’ after his name (Knight of the Garter) and if he wasn’t already titled, would be styled as ‘Sir’.The announcements were made to coincide with St George’s Day, yesterday, as St George is not only the patron saint of England but also the 'patron' of the Order.