Harry Reid Calls B.S. on CIA

This could turn up some awkward material. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday announced he has ordered the Senate sergeant-at-arms to begin a forensic analysis of the Senate Intelligence Committee's computer equipment in response to what he believes are "absurd" claims by the CIA that Senate staffers hacked into the agency. That's the reason, the CIA claims, it infiltrated Senate computers. Both the Senate and the CIA have sent accusations about the other to the Justice Department, which so far is reluctant to intervene due to separation of powers. CIA Director John Brennan, in a January 27 letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, said CIA documents relating to its torture report “may have been improperly obtained and/or retained” by Senate staffers. Last week, Feinstein shook D.C. by accusing the CIA of spying on her committee.