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Has Banksy Been Identified?

Are we that much closer to revealing Banksy’s true identity? On Wednesday morning, a New York DJ named John Henry live-tweeted photos of the reclusive British street artist stating: “I found Banksy,” along with pictures of the artist’s “slaughter house” truck Sirens of the Lambs being worked on by a crew in Red Hook – the confirmed location of the elusive artist’s warehouse. Henry said that he approached the group of men, but was given the same treatment as everyone else that has tried to speak to the crew … a cold shoulder and a general blasé attitude. Luckily for Henry the guy giving orders from atop the Sirens of the Lambs truck spoke in a British accent. While we are skeptical that this is the true identity of Banksy, Gothamist’s in-house expert observed that one of the men standing next to the truck actually might be closer to the real Banksy. He bears a striking resemblance to another “alleged” Banksy photo from 2008. Whatever the case, we all know that the Banksy collective is very elaborate and very methodical. Let’s hope he’s not starting to get sloppy. [Gawker]