Hastert Aide Calls for Ending Hastert Rule

Ex-Hastert aide John Feehery calls for ending the "rule" his boss initiated. I concur, and will have more thoughts on this soon:

I think John Boehner won’t have much of a choice in these first several months of the 113th Congress. He has to get stuff done. He had to schedule the vote on the tax vote extension. He had to schedule a vote on Sandy relief if he was going to maintain any credibility for the GOP majority. And he will have to extend the debt limit.

None of this is pleasant for the Speaker or for his majority. But my guess is that there are plenty of his colleagues who are more than happy to see all of these things pass and are just as happy to be able to vote against them.

I think the Speaker should give the President his debt limit extension, without any additional spending cuts included. But he should let the Democrats pass it on their own and have enough of his colleagues take a walk or vote present to let it get a majority.