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Hedgehog Birthday, ‘Frozen Is the New Black,’ and More Viral Videos

From a squee-worthy party with hamster guests to Elsa ‘letting it go’ to prison, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. A Perfect Fake

Rob Cantor’s vocal impressions went viral last week, even making it to the Today show. This week, he revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax. Watch how he did it—and never trust the Internet again.

4. Hedgehog Birthday

From the folks who brought you ‘Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos’ comes another squee-worthy video. As you might have already guessed, a tiny hedgehog has a tiny birthday party. His tiny hamster buddies drop by and they all wear tiny hats. And they eat tiny slices of a tiny cake. It’s adorable.

3. Greenpeaces (Un)Banned Lego Video

Hoping to draw attention to Lego’s brand partnership with Shell, Greenpeace made this video riffing on the toy-block manufacturer’s ‘The Lego Movie’ and its infectious ‘Everything Is Awesome’ song. It reached more than 3 million YouTube views before a Warner Bros. copyright claim forced it to come down Thursday. On Friday, Warners withdrew the claim and YouTube put it back up.

2. Camera Drones Fly Through Fireworks Show

This bird’s eye view—courtesy of GoPro and a drone—of a Fourth of July fireworks show in West Palm Beach, Florida, is stunning. GoPro hooked up a camera to a drone and flew it into the pyrotechnics, offering a new way to marvel at the spectacle.

1. Frozen Is the New Black

What if Elsa from Frozen were sent to prison for letting it go and turning her kingdom cold? What if her fellow prisoners were other Disney princesses like Rapunzel and Mulan? What if Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston had a pornstache? Frozen Is the New Black, obviously a parody of Frozen and Orange Is the New Black, answers all those questions and more.