First Pooch

Here Comes the Obama Dog!

America's most-discussed pet—the Obama family's Portuguese water dog, promised to Sasha and Malia on the campaign trail—will 'be introduced' on Tuesday, reports TMZ. The rumored pup is a six-month-old black male bred at a kennel favored by the Kennedys. In fact, TMZ reports that the dog shares lineage with several Kennedy dogs, and that Senator Ted Kennedy helped choose it and may present it as a "gift" to the first family. Despite its pedigree, the dog may still please pro-rescue-dog factions who advocated for the adoption of an abandoned pet: The chosen dog was alleged sold to a different family first, but they changed their mind and gave it back to the breeder for "re-homing." The dog reportedly goes by the name Charlie, but Sasha and Malia may re-name it. It has previously been reported that the dog was in obedience school during the president and first lady's trip to Europe.