Will Hill Rescue

Hillwalkers Rescued by William: We Prefer Harry

What's a prince to do? William rescued a pair of elderly hillwalkers in his RAF helicopter, only for them to decalre they prefer his naughty brother Harry.Retired factory workers Barbara Wilkins, 72, and her husband Jeffrey, 74, were on a walking holiday in Wales when Mrs Wilkins stepped awkwardly on a rough hillside and immobilised herself.The couple were winched into an RAF helicopter and flown to safe lower ground.It was only then, after the pilot had waved them goodbye, that fellow rescuers told Mr and Mrs Wilkins that a future king of England was among the helicopter's four-strong crew."As we got off the pilot put his hand up to us, but with his visor down. They said 'you know who was flying that helicopter?' I said 'no'," Mrs Wilkins told This Gloucestershire.She was then informed it was the young heir, second in line to the throne."I said 'you're pulling my leg' but they said they'd no reason to lie," she said."We were silly old codgers," Mrs Wilkins said. "It is very arduous, very rugged with rocks, boulders and loose screed," she said."They do a good job the royals, I don't care what anybody says."Mr Wilkins agreed, but then added, "My favourite is Harry. He is an action man," he said.