Hirst's Latest: Bedazzled Baby Skull

What’s more shocking than a jewel-encrusted skull? How about a jewel-encrusted baby skull. Damien Hirst’s latest work, For Heaven’s Sake, a platinum cast of an infant’s skull studded with more than 8,000 pink and white diamonds is, unsurprisingly, upsetting some people. "Mr. Hirst may not have intended to be insensitive, but it will have a profound effect on many people who will find the subject deeply disturbing,” said the founder of parenting group Netmums. The skull, which goes on display later this month at the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong, is a follow-up to Hirst’s 2007 jewel-studded adult skull, For the Love of God, which Hirst described as “quite bling.” “Diamonds are about perfection and clarity and wealth and sex and death and immortality. They are a symbol of everything that's eternal, but then they have a dark side as well,” said Hirst.