House Chaplain Is Sworn In Again After Rescinding Resignation

Father Patrick Conroy—who was ousted from his position as House chaplain—was sworn back into his role on Tuesday after his resignation was rescinded last week, according to NBC News. Conroy was prompted to resign by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who claimed that Conroy was not fulfilling his pastoral duties up to expectations. The move was speculated to be politically motivated, as Conroy led a prayer before a tax-cut debate that hoped benefits would be “balanced and shared by all Americans.” Over 100 lawmakers signed a letter to Ryan demanding an explanation for his decision when Conroy was dismissed. “Father Pat and I had a good cup of coffee this morning,” Ryan said Tuesday. “We talked about how to improve the services going forward. We are going to keep talking to make sure. … I think we can ultimately make improvements so that everyone has access to the pastoral services they’re looking for.”