House to Undo Obama Immigration Reforms

House Republicans passed legislation to overturn parts of President Obama's key immigration policies on Wednesday, which could lead to the deportation of thousands of young immigrants from the U.S. The new bill, approved in a 236-191 vote, would provide $39.7 billion to finance the Homeland Security Department through the end of September, despite criticism from both parties that legislation on counterterrorism and cybersecurity should take priority. The immigration amendments would undo Obama's executive order late last year to provide protection and work permits to an estimated 4 million immigrants in the country illegally, as well as the 2012 policy that granted work permits and stays of deportation to more than 600,000 immigrants who arrived illegally as children under the age of 16. The legislation is unlikely to pass in the Senate while Obama has threatened to use his veto pen. "The people made clear that they wanted more accountability from this president," said House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, "and by our votes here today we will heed their will and we will keep our oath to protect and defend the Constitution."