How Abdul and Idol Fell Out

Paula Abdul and American Idol's split has left both sides bitter, according to The New York Times. Evidently, Abdul wanted a salary increase to $10 million from Idol producers because Simon Cowell makes upwards of $30 million per year, and is believed to be seeking a substantial raise, and because host Ryan Seacrest's salary recently doubled to $10 million per year. The men's salary hikes led Abdul to believe that "as a woman she was being treated differently from the men," as the Times put it. Abdul also sought the hike, according to an unnamed source close to her, to make up for a fashion endorsement that fell through in 2006, due, Abdul believes, to comments by Idol judges that fed rumors that she was drinking and using drugs before work. On the other hand, Abdul's histrionics had some costs, according to an Idol team member, and her new manager's tactic of attempting to publicly negotiate rubbed Fox executives the wrong way.