Public Defender

How Liz Cheney Defends Her Dad

Restoring Dick Cheney's image may seem like a thankless task—his approval rating was 13 percent when he left office in 2009. But his daughter Liz has thrown herself at it enthusiastically. New York Magazine says that Cheney's attacks on President Obama have been encouraged by Liz, who’s even more aggressive and hawkish than he is. Bush aides were stunned by the former veep’s step back into the national debate just two weeks after Obama was inaugurated. But Liz Cheney’s tireless defense of dear ole dad has already helped change the public perception of him. She’s defended the Cheney legacy on TV some 40 times this year, and pushed her father into writing his memoirs. She sat for 30 to 40 hours of interviews with her dad’s official biographer, Stephen Hayes, and has been dedicated to defending his record. Right now, Liz Cheney’s biggest project is her dad’s memoir, which she’s playing a key role in researching. That is, unless she runs for Congress as soon as 2012: Journalist Joe Hagan says Cheney's appearance alongside his daughter at CPAC was carefully orchestrated to help boost her profile for a run.