How New York Fashion Week Put Men First

New York Men’s Day brought together a group of men's fashion designers, showing everything from smart and tailored to louche and eccentric designs.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

The morning session of “New York Men’s Day,” the ninth biannual menswear collective presentations this year ushering in the 10-day marathon of New York Fashion Week, saw casual-wear given smart silhouettes, and sweaters deconstructed but not so wildly you couldn’t lounge around in them on a Sunday morning. Colors were refreshingly splashed all over. And men, it is time to reclaim the beret.


Founder Luke Tadashi’s first forays into design were through the game of basketball, and the influence of sportswear is still visible. Here too a brave attempt to make men wear off-the-shoulder.


Taofeek Abijako’s label believes in furthering a philosophy of “thoughtful, inconspicuous, and honest designs.”


Having designed for Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren, Hart set up his own label in 2013.


“Championing civility, we stand for form and function. Informalist in style, instinctual in action. We’re dressing down and leveling up,” say Diplomacy. Not sure what the second sentence means, but anyone championing civility has our vote.