How One Abused Wife Forged Her Salvation

A new series from Audible and TED present stories that for many reasons must be told anonymously. Listen to ‘Rescued by Ritual’ in which an abused wife tells how she saved herself.

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast

For all kinds of reasons, some great stories must be told anonymously. In acknowledgment of that fact, Audible Inc., the digital audiobook company, and TED have collaborated on Sincerely, X, a new series debuting today. These original episodes of testimonies and stories allow vulnerable speakers to share experiences and ideas much as TED Talks are delivered. But they are recorded privately, after the speakers have been interviewed by host June Cohen.

“Rescued by Ritual,” one of three episodes released today, is the story of a Midwestern wife and mother who found herself in an abusive marriage and then created a unique way to heal, a solution her doctor now recommends to other patients in similar situations.

“Rescued by Ritual” is presented here in its entirety, click for audio.

The first three episodes of Sincerely, X are available at Audible Channels. New episodes will be released each week. For more information, go to audible.com/sincerelyx.