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How to Become A Project Manager With Six Sigma and Lean

Learn both methodologies and earn necessary certifications with this course bundle.

Project management is an excellent field for any goals-driven person who likes to complete projects as efficiently as possible. While you may already have a knack for "getting things done," there's a science behind being an effective project manager (with a hefty paycheck).

Six Sigma and Lean are two of the most popular project management methodologies. They’re conceptually easy to grasp but are nuanced in practice, so this bundle of courses and certifications can get you up to speed and qualify you for any project management position.

First, you'll learn how to improve efficiencies and streamline workflow with Six Sigma, which uses six steps to control variation and minimize defects. The six steps (or belts) break down into: define, measure, analyze, improve, control, and a prerequisite belt called "Step Zero."

You’ll get into the Lean methodology next, which helps maximize value by reducing time allocated to certain tasks. You’ll love this approach if you can't stand wasting time on insignificant details. This program will teach you how to optimize end-to-end efforts and limit wasted effort, making for a smoother and more time-efficient workflow.

In addition to learning about Six Sigma and Lean, there are a couple of courses dedicated to Minitab, another project management school of thought that will help you improve statistics-based projects.

This course is typically valued at $2,299, but for a limited time you can enroll for $79. Whether you're just starting a career in project management or have your eye on a sweet promotion, this can help set you on that path.

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