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How To Master Strategic Marketing Skills For Less

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In order to be a successful marketer in today's world, you need to understand how to use digital tools. With the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle you will develop the strategic skills that will take you - and your business - to the next level.

This marketing bundle includes three different courses with over 22 hours of training focused on different areas of strategic marketing:

* Digital marketing management: Learn marketing strategies, pitfalls and skills that can help you advance in your current company or land a new role at a different company. In addition, master the basics of web content development and analytics.

* Google Analytics and Adwords: Develop a deep knowledge of how to create campaigns that will boost traffic, increase sales, and grow your business online.

* Marketing Channels: Aquire the skills to understand your customer base Silicon Valley style. Learn how to optimize your marketing efforts via examples from the top-performing companies in the world.

Best of all, the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle is on sale today. Normally $513, it is yours for only $19 (or 96% off of the original price).

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