A Dog's Death

How William's Guard Dogs Were Killed Days After He Left His RAF Job

Animal lover Prince William - who recently announced he was quitting his job in order to spend more time working with conservation charities - won't be happy about this.

Two dogs used to provide extra security for the prince at his RAF base were 'euthanised' days after he left the role.

According to a front page story in the Sun today, headlined "Rexecuted", a Belgian Shepherd called Brus and a German Shepherd named Blade were destroyed on Friday, after the military dog unit decided the attack dogs could not be redeployed or re-homed with a family.

A source told the Sun: “Brus and Blade were in a two-dog section set up specifically to protect William. They patrolled the station to protect military personnel, equipment and facilities. But once the prince left the unit was closed.”The paper said: Nine-and-a-half-year-old Blade had spine and hip trouble that meant he faced being put down for medical reasons. Brus, 7½, did not react well to other animals and had behavioral problems which meant he could not be sent to a kennel.