Howard Schultz Cuts Staff, Puts Campaign on Hiatus: Report

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz let most of his presidential campaign staff go after announcing he will take the summer to recover from back surgeries, HuffPost reported Wednesday.

The billionaire coffee mogul reportedly visited his campaign office Wednesday and told staffers many of them would be let go—save for senior leadership. The billionaire also reportedly told staff he would make his final decision on whether to run for president after Labor Day. He said he was carefully watching the performance of former vice president and current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden. If at some point Biden does not appear to be the nominee, HuffPost reported, Schultz said he would consider hopping back into the race after Super Tuesday.

In an email to his supporters on Wednesday, Schultz explained that his doctors advised him to rest and rehabilitate from three back surgeries. The Daily Beast previously reported that Schultz seemed to be stepping back from the trail, and the campaign confirmed last month that he was recovering from a medical procedure.