Huckabee: U.S. Is Less Free than North Korea

Mike Huckabee thinks living in North Korea might be more liberating than the United States. At the conservative New Hampshire Freedom Summit this weekend, the former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor said, “Freedom of speech in this country, that for which the men grabbed their muskets off the mantel, did never mean that we’re to have fewer voices, but more voices. My gosh, I’m beginning to think that there’s more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.” The main issue Huckabee named as evidence for the lack of freedoms we have in the U.S. is the pain of going through airport security. As Think Progress pointed out, “checking into flights would be the least of Huckabee’s concerns if he were actually a citizen of North Korea. Among the issues the former governor would face would be boarding a p lane leaving the country in the first place.”