Humblebrag: Twitter’s Narcissist Take-Down

Stars are being called out on Twitter for underhanded bragging. Read some hilarious #HumbleBrag tweets.

Johnny Weir just can’t believe he’s been to three cities in a single day (you jetsetter, you!). Greta Van Susteren just accidentally pocket-dialed the Pentagon (don't you wish you had them on speed dial). Julia Allison is mortified that she is surrounded by nine (OMG! so popular!) producers for a video shoot. And your journalist friend can’t get over how awful his seats at Fashion Week are—perched, of course, in the second row.

It’s called the #Humblebrag: a feigned attempt at humility that’s really just an excuse to brag. It’s made obnoxiously easy by social networking, and it thrives in an age where narcissism is the norm.

Humble bragging has likely always been around—but it hasn't always had a name. For the emerging meme, we have Harris Wittels to thank. A standup comic and writer on NBC's Parks and Recreation, Wittels created the Humblebrag Twitter handle a few months back—and an internet phenom was born. Now with nearly 92,000 followers, he's become a stealth humble-bragging cop—shaming underhanded boasters through retweets and hashtags, day-in and day-out.

From the celebrity who is in awe of his success to the regular girl who whines about her mysterious appeal to the opposite sex, read a few of our favorite #Humblebrags of the moment.